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Are you under the impression that a pediatric dentist is only for babies and small children? If so, you probably don’t realize that most pediatric dentists will have patients that have been with them well into adulthood. Many of them are those with special needs who cannot feel comfortable with anyone other than their long-time pediatric dentist.

If you have a child with behavioral problems, dental anxiety, or simply cannot sit still for a dental procedure, you might want to try a pediatric dentist and see if they cannot resolve the problem. The pediatric dentist is trained not only to deal with tiny mouths and teeth, but to treat those that may need a little extra patience and compassion.

The kind of person that goes into the field of pediatric dentistry is uncommon. While every dentist goes through seven to eight years of college and dental school to get their Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), which allows them to practice general dentistry, the pediatric dentist has spent another two years of training in a hospital-based or clinic environment where they are focused upon treating children and those with special needs. They gain valuable experience and learn specialized skills related to young people and difficult patients. Such training includes child psychology, child-related pharmacology, child development, and other areas that are uniquely related to their field.

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