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Due to the risks associated with teething, our dentist recommends that your child always receives the necessary treatment if any teeth begin to show up. As soon as the first tooth is visible, it is important to look for symptoms and indications that teething is present and provide the necessary care for your child. Because teething is a condition in which the teeth rise above their gums, most children do suffer some form of discomfort.

If your child is showing and displaying any signs of teething, it is important to take note and provide the necessary care. Common symptoms associated with teething include irritability and fussiness as well as signs of sleeping difficulties and loss of appetite. If they are routinely rubbing the inside of the mouth or excessively biting on several objects, that could be a sign of irritability with their teeth. These are common symptoms that can be easily treated with tools and other methods.

Typical tools that can help assist with teething include gauze pads, teething rings, your finger, small spoons or other soft devices that can be used to help rub your child’s gums. However, if your child is beginning to display severe symptoms such as any rashes or a fever, you will need to consult our dentist for additional care.

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