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Do you know how to properly brush your child’s teeth for optimal health care? To help prevent further damage from occurring to your child’s smile, establish effective oral hygiene routines including brushing their teeth twice daily. For additional help with your child’s dental care, bring them in to see their dentist before they are 1 year of age.

To ensure your child can receive the oral health care they need, always apply the necessary care to eliminate bacteria and plaque buildup. Never share your toothbrush with your child and never use your child’s toothbrush, as it can spread bacteria. Furthermore, store your child’s toothbrush in a safe area that is free of contamination and replace it every few months when it begins to wear down. By brushing your child’s teeth twice every day, you can lower their risk of several oral health problems. Don’t forget to use a nonabrasive toothpaste that is safe for your child’s teeth. Every time a new tooth erupts above the gumline, it too will need to be properly cared for to prevent further harm from occurring.

With the skilled dental care and expertise of our team at Sukyoung Ahn DDS, we can make sure your child receives the oral health care they need. Dr. Suk Young Ahn and our team can be reached by calling us at 530-342-0104 to schedule an appointment to visit us at our office in Chico, California. Let us help your child achieve a healthy smile!