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Kids are not used to growing up. After all, they’ve never done it before.

Learning the rope of oral hygiene, teething, losing baby teeth and growing permanent teeth – it all can be somewhat daunting for your little ones. That’s why we’re here – the adults – to lead them through the process and encourage them. In order to better help them as they navigate the world of dental health, it may be useful to have a solid understanding of how teeth grow.

Did you know that infants are actually born with their primary teeth? They’re just under the gumline. When your child’s digestive system is ready to take on solid foods, their teeth will start to emerge. We dentists call this process “eruption”. There is an order to the process. The lower front incisors, or the central-front-bottom teeth, usually grow in first, then the upper front incisors, and finally other teeth starting from the center to the back of the mouth. The molars are the last teeth to grow. Usually, all 20 primary teeth have come in by age 3.

Even as the baby teeth have grown, the permanent teeth are growing under the gumline. In time these begin to dissolve the roots of the baby teeth, causing them to loosen and fall out. This usually happens around age five or six. Again, there is a pattern here: the teeth usually fall out in the order in which they came.

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