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What is tooth enamel? It’s the tough and sturdy substance on the outermost layer of your teeth. Your enamel is naturally fortified, but it’s certainly not invincible. It needs outside help to fully protect teeth from decay. One way to fight this problem is to ask Dr. Suk Young Ahn about dental sealants.

Our molars and premolars contain small crevices and tiny points on their surfaces. These give your back teeth their chewing power. Sometimes, though, these can be too deep and or narrow for a toothbrush to easily reach. Bits of food and bacteria can get lodged inside, turning into plaque. This could lead to cavities and other problems. Children are especially vulnerable to these bacterial attacks and cavities, because they are often still working on their oral hygiene routine and also typically eat a lot of sugar.

There is a solution! Dental sealants are thin, invisible coatings on your child’s molars. They’re like tiny raincoats that protect teeth from storms of bacteria.

The process of receiving dental sealants starts with a detailed cleaning. Then Dr. Suk Young Ahn will apply a coating of a special acidic substance, which will create a rough surface to prepare the tooth for the sealant. Dr. Suk Young Ahn will then coat the tooth with the sealant.

If you’d like to invest in dental sealants for your child, you can schedule an appointment with our office in Chico, California, by calling 530-342-0104.