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Because your teeth and gums are often at risk of severe blows to your face that can cause damage, a mouth guard can add an additional layer of protection to limit the effects of any harm that may arise during sports. Not only should you understand the different types of mouth guards, but you will need to understand the care involved with keeping them functional.

With a custom mouth guard made by your dentist, you can enjoy excellent protection for your smile and a comfortable fit. Custom mouth guards are made from an impression of your teeth by your dentist. A boil and bite mouth guard is boiled, and when it has cooled, you bite into it to help it conform to your mouth. However, stock mouth guards purchased at retail stores are not custom-made.

Caring for your mouth guard is essential to ensure that it continues to function properly. Over time, your mouth guards can wear down and become damaged. A common risk factor for a mouth guard includes leaving it out in the sun or exposed to heat, which can cause it to warp. Storing it in a closed container can allow moisture to promote the growth of bacteria. You should rinse your mouth guard before and after each use, and clean it with soapy water. Place it in a ventilated container so it can dry. Your mouth guard will last longer if you avoid chewing on it during games or practices.

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