Our dentist and team at Sukyoung Ahn DDS are committed to making your child’s visits to our practice as comfortable as possible. We offer a number of anxiety reduction techniques to help them (and you!) feel at ease. Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment with our dentist and learn more about anxiety reduction techniques in Chico, California.

Dental anxiety and fear are common problems. Our goal is to minimize negative experiences for your child and develop a positive, trusting relationship with them so that they do not feel uncomfortable when they visit us. We also know that despite our best efforts some children may still feel anxious and distressed while visiting our office. Here are a few tips on ways we can help your child feel more at ease:

  1. Speak with our dentist and team. If we know that your child is anxious, afraid or distressed we can take steps to help them feel more comfortable and watch for any signs of distress while they are here.
  2. Use calming techniques such as controlled breathing or distractions in the room.
  3. Listening to music to distract and block out the sounds of the dental office.
  4. Ask our dentist abut sedation options to help your child relax.
  5. Take breaks. If your child is overwhelmed we can stop for a few minutes so that they can relax.
  6. Ask about alternative treatment options. In many cases we can provide the same results using different methods.

If you have any questions about these or other tips to reduce dental anxiety, or to make an appointment for your child, please contact Sukyoung Ahn DDS today.