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Does your child have a hard time sitting still? Here are seven tips to help children keep their calm at the dentist’s office.

-Make sure your child rests well before their appointment. A tired child is going to be an unhappy child, so try to make sure that your son or daughter gets a full night’s sleep before their appointment. An appointment with the dentist will be much more peaceful when your child has slept well.

-Grab their comfort items and favorite toys. Before visiting our office, fetch your child’s favorite toy, blanket, stuffed animal, or other comfort item. Keeping a favorite item nearby can help your child realize that a trip to the dentist’s office can be a comfortable experience.

-Enjoy a light snack together before leaving the house. Honestly, do you get hangry when you haven’t had food for a while? So how much harder should it be for children? A tiny, healthy snack like carrots or grapes can make your child’s visit to the dentist a lot easier.

-Explain to them why dentist visits are vital to the health of their teeth. Try leveling with your child about how and why the dentist will clean their teeth. Understanding the need for dental appointments can help children mitigate stress that can lead to misbehaving.

-Provide them with things to play with or work on during their wait. It’s a great idea to bring a toy, a video game, or even homework to distract your child in the waiting area. Before they realize it, they’ll be starting their appointment with Dr. Suk Young Ahn and our team.

-Keep a quiet, calm demeanor and stay nearby. Do your best to stay calm, and your child will follow your lead. It’s also important to stay close to your child while you’re visiting the dentist’s office, so consider walking around together if they’ve got the wiggles.

-Thank them for their good behavior after the appointment. Praise is a great motivator for kids, so if your child acted appropriately during their visit, then let them know immediately! And don’t forget to remind them of their good behavior before additional appointments.

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